All Quiet on the Potomac (RPI Sage Labs April 3rd-5th)

Hi there, everyone. Lime Shirt LARPing here with something completely different. (Except not) All Quiet on the Potomac is a historical-fiction "what if" style LARP set during the American Civil War. After a major Confederate success, a Peace Conference has been called to discuss a possible peaceful resolution to the war between the Union and the CSA. Much of the game is drawn from actual, albeit somewhat obscure, history, mixed with politics, social intrigue, and of course, war. Characters range from the famous to the unknown, with everything in-between. The starting points may be historical, but the decisions are yours; will you change the course of history? Will the South never fall? Will the British come to save the day? Will Abraham Lincoln's hat get even more awesome? Only time will tell!

The game will run from around 8PM Friday night to about 4PM Sunday afternoon, with game breaks for lunch, dinner, and sleep. The game will cost $25 to sign up; this includes covering the massive printing and prop costs for a game this large, as well as a dinner Saturday night of game! That's right, you even get to avoid Sodexo food for a night! There will be a PayPal button below; if you don't want to or can't use PayPal, contact me directly and we'll see what we can do!

As a final reminder, this game is somewhat more serious then other games we've run in the past. In particular, slavery and women's rights will be commonly discussed topics, with people holding serious and unwavering opinions both for and against. Not everyone will need to take opinions that they likely find personally disagreeable, but most everyone will at least hear about them in some way. If you are uncomfortable in such circumstances, we understand entirely. If you have any questions about what might or might not happen, or anything else, please contact me at

Ready to begin?

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